Ayelt Komus

Ayelt Komus

Founder BPM Lab & Professor
Ayelt is a renown expert and thought leader in the fields of agile methods, digital transformation, IT and process management. In cooperation with leading organizations like, GPM/IPMA, PMI, BME, VDI, GesfPM his activities include research, publications, keynotes, workshops and advisory. He has a background of more than 20 years of practical experience - ranging from corporate restructuring over large-scale IT-projects, optimization of BPM- and PMO-CoE, agile project portfolio management systems and digital transformation programs. After 10 years with IDS Scheer, Ayelt became a professor at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. This is where he founded the BPM Lab, which conducted several studies in fields like BPM in SME, Quality in BPM, Best Practice BPM, COO's role, BPM-Check, Status Quo Agile, Agile PMO, Agile Purchasing etc. Among other books Ayelt is the editor of 'BPM Best Practice'. His newly released book 'Project Management with the PM-House' was published in April 2017. A new book on Business Process Management is about to be published. Many of his talks and keynotes are available via (sorry, mostly German). Major study reports like Status Quo Agile (de+en), Agile Purchasing (de+en), BPM-Compass (de+en), evidence-based success of PM (de), IT-Radar (de) are available via More Information on and

Koblenz University of Applied Sciences

The university's BPM laboratory conducts practical research on issues relating to operational excellence, with a particular focus on process organization. Main research topics are: - Business Process Management (BPMA / BPA, ie analysis and modeling of business processes) and BPMS, ie automation of business processes) - Implementation and management of a BPM organization, BPM Center of Excellence - PMO, multi-project management, project portfolio management, multi-project management - ERP and ECM implementation and lifecycle management (focus on SAP) - IT management, IT architecture and IT strategy process - Agile methods, especially hybrid methods, agile methods in hardware product development, scaled agile methods (SAFE, LeSS, Team of Teams, Nexus, Spotify method) Digital transformation

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